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  • Don't know where to start with creating a website?
  • Do you have an internet marketing strategy?
  • Are you wondering if anyone is visiting your site?
  • Is your website simply another business expense?

Is your site disappointing you in the areas of sales, lead generation or other business opportunities?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, chances are your website is under-performing and you could use some help! For proven solutions based on thorough research, analysis, and best practices, contact us today.

Strategic Planning

If you want to leverage the Internet as a strategic tool that drives your business objectives, you need a complete internet marketing strategy. We'll show you how to use the Internet as a competitive weapon to increase sales, productivity, and client satisfaction.

A key component to any strategic plan is a competitive analysis. How does your site compare to your competitors? Are they using online marketing tactics? Are they getting more traffic than you are?
Website Planning

Designing and developing a website requires careful planning, but it will pay off many times over. Focus on three key considerations: your message, your audience, and your content.

Identify Your Message. Your message is critical. What are you trying to say? You must communicate a clear, succinct message to hook your visitors.

Target Your Audience. Who are you trying to reach? Carefully identify who your audience is, as this will influence the style, tone and content of your site. Don't make the common mistake of developing a site that appeals to you personally rather than the needs and preferences of your audience.

Develop Your Content. Content rules on the web. Collect good content and organize it into logical catetgories. Always keep your message and your audience in mind.

We encourage you to tap into our years of experience in business and marketing for assistance with any aspect of planning your website.
Usability Analysis

Usability refers to how easy a website is to use by its visitors. It is essential to a site’s success. A confusing, poorly structured site will simply drive your audience away. If you're not achieving the results you expect or want from your website, we can offer insight into a more productive website.

Our analysis covers site design, features, and functionality. Upon completion, you will receive a detailed report that provides explanations of our findings, and recommended solutions for site elements that may be confusing or frustrating for your users.

If you are selling product online, we can help you convert qualified web traffic. The typical e-Commerce web site has an average conversion ratio of less than 2%. Learn how to develop a site that exceeds this ratio and generates more revenue.

Traffic Analysis

Since your website is (or should be) an integral part of your overall marketing strategy, you must have metrics to measure its effectiveness. Analysis can help pinpoint problem areas and offer other valuable insights.

How are visitors reaching your site?
Which pages are visitors landing on?
What are the paths users take?
Which pages cause site abandonment?
Which pages are viewed most? Least?
What are the trends occurring on your site?

We can use this information to recommend changes to your site design or structure, your marketing strategy, or both.